Liz + Marta

  • Venue:
    Moore & Moore Art Gallery
  • Celebrant:
    One Great Life
  • Band :
    Paper Moon

I had the pleasure of capturing Liz and Marta’s wedding held on a Monday afternoon at the Moore & Moore Contemporary Art Gallery in Fremantle. The venue was a perfect fit for this laid-back couple, who wanted to celebrate their special day in a relaxed and chilled-out atmosphere.

The art gallery was a unique and intimate space, with plenty of natural light and interesting backdrops that made for some stunning photo opportunities. From the old brick walls to the vintage furniture, the venue was full of character and charm that perfectly complemented the couple’s bohemian style.

One of the most memorable things about Liz and Marta’s wedding was the abundance of kids at the venue. From babies to toddlers to older kids, there were children of all ages running around and having a great time. It was heartwarming to see how happy and inclusive everyone was, and the kids added a touch of joy and innocence to the day.

The wedding ceremony itself was held in a small courtyard, with the couple surrounded by their closest friends and family. The ceremony was short and sweet, but full of emotion and love. As the evening drew in, the mood shifted to a more festive and party-like atmosphere. The couple’s llive band played some great tunes, and everyone hit the dance floor, including the kids who showed off their best moves. It was a joyous and fun-filled celebration that truly reflected Liz and Marta’s personalities and style. ❥



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