Keita + Grant

  • VENUE:
    Donnelly River Village
    Joan Strikwerda-Brown
    Allure Beauty
  • BAND :
    Two Cent Professionals

Keita and Grant’s wedding was the ultimate party, where they took over an entire village for a weekend-long celebration at Donnelly River Village. With Keita from the Netherlands and Grant from Scotland, this international couple wanted to create a unique and unforgettable experience for their loved ones, and did they deliver!

The Donnelly River Village is a beautiful timber town that’s been given a new lease of life as an awesome wedding venue. Surrounded by stunning forests, rivers and natural beauty, it’s the perfect setting for a wedding that’s a little different.

Keita and Grant’s wedding was a wild celebration of love, culture and community, with plenty of activities and entertainment to keep their guests happy. The wedding ceremony was held outdoors, with the bagpiper playing as the wedding party entered, creating a magical and emotional moment that set the tone for the rest of the day.

The reception was held in a rustic hall, decked out with beautiful fairy lights, flowers and greenery. The Two Cent Professionals, a super talented band, kept the party going and had everyone dancing and singing along. It was a real festival vibe, with a laid-back and carefree atmosphere that made everyone feel at home.

The celebrant, Joan Strikwerda-Brown, was a wonderful choice for the wedding, adding a personal and meaningful touch to the ceremony. She created a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony that celebrated Keita and Grant’s unique love story.

Overall, Keita and Grant’s wedding was an amazing and unforgettable experience, filled with love, laughter and joy. Donnelly River Village was the perfect venue for this festival-style wedding, and it created a magical and romantic atmosphere ❥